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Bare-foot sports programme

-the project intends to established and construct a basketball court, netball cour, volleyball court and provision of the sports equiptment. -during sports activities, youths will be taught life skills and supportive mechanisms on how to keep health. -the project will act as the social centre of activities in which youths will share knowledge and ideas on prevention, protection and care for the HIV/AIDS. -the project willl develop a youth proctection policy to ensure that sportsman and women are not abuse and way of reporting suspecting abuse. -gender isssues will be promoted in order to safe guard the values of our society. -the school will use some classroom as means to combine classwork for drop out and out of school youths with sports

Who is the sponsoring organization?

changa changa community school. Changa Changa Community School was established in the year 2000 by the Congregation of Christian Brothers with the Community. The school was established mainly for vulnerable children. During the survey in the Compound of Changa Changa which is adjacent to St.Edmund’s High School in Mazabuka, it was discovered that there were sixty nine children between the age of nine (9) and fifteen (15) years who were not in school. Out of that number forty-two (42) children had never been to school before and the remaining twenty –seven (27) had attended school for short period. Following our survey, a meeting with forty-seven (47) parents from Changa Changa Compound was held on 6th May 2000. At this meeting a committee of five men and five women was formed with a view to setting up a community school. A few days later the committee met and identified two potential teachers from within the community. Contacts were also made with UNICEF, Zambia Open Community School (ZOCS) , the Curriculum Development Centre and the local District Education Officer(DEBS). A month later the Headmaster of St.Edmund’s High School made two disused storerooms available to the Community and the Principal of St.Paul’s Training Centre donated some desks. A local benefactor also provided K 1,500,000.00 worth of text books. The parents from the Compound also took part in cleaning the storerooms and the surrounding. The school was officially opened on 1st June 2000 with sixty-nine pupils in level one. In 2001 two classes were opened with eighty-three pupils. By 2005 the school had two hundred and fifty-three (253) both girls and boys. A four classroom was used to carter for that number. Due to the kind of children the school was getting, children were placed in levels. Gathering class( which is equivalent to pre-school class) Level 1. Which is a combination of grade one and two Level 2. Which is combination of grade three and four Level 3.Which is a combination of grade five and six Level 4. Which is equivalent to grade seven By 2009 the number of children had increased up to 350 and accommodating these pupils in four classrooms was a problem. The school started seeking funds to construct a new school. The hope is that the new school will run accommodate pre-school, adult literacy and primary classes. Currently we have 420 children receiving education at our school. Apart from offering quality for these vulnerable children, the school runs feeding programs which as proved to be a very good support to most of the children who come to school on an empty stomach. On the other hand, feeding the children has been a great motivation for them to attend classes frequently and they also pay special attention to their teachers. This is evidence from the good number of pupils who have qualified to Secondary and Basic Schools over the past years. The School provides free exercise books, pencil, pens and rules to the pupils.

Where will the project be located?

mazabuka, Southern Province, Zambia

St.Edmunds. the school has a big space which was used for years as fields for sports and farming. at the moment it is just a busy therefore, we would like to utilize the land to make it useful.the land is documented as part of the school land which is owned by the catholic bishop.

Do facilities at the location need to be constructed or upgraded?

Yes. the facilities need to be constructed at the projcet site. this is because the school and the surrounding community just improvised for the use of the land which makes the balls not to last long due to stones and sticks around which destroy the balls. above all the bare surface in not good.

Are any further architectural or design services required?

Yes. yes, and if allowed to do so the architectural and design will be need in plan and using correct measurement from your expertise

Would this project benefit from the assistance of construction professionals?

Yes. yes as the it will recquire certification and recommendation for the work done.