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California Sports Complex

Build the California Sports Complex in a gutted out city building in Martinez, CA. The building is 48,000 sq ft and will fit 5 basketball/volleyball courts and a fitness area and cafe.

Who is the sponsoring organization?

California Sports Complex. The California Sports Complex is an organization dedicated to providing the facilities and sports programs for youth, adults and special needs youths in the local community while attracting the regional and national basketball and volleyball programs that will call it home. We will be the most sophisticated and organized facility in Northern California. In addition to the basketball and volleyball programs, the Complex will operate and manage the California Sports Club. The sports club will have a focus on the local community by offering a variety of exercise, wellness and nutritional programs. As a member of the club, youths and adults can be part of a team sports or general exercise and nutritional program offered at the facility. The local community will benefit by having membership to the California Sports Club and low cost drop in fees. In addition, if their son or daughter joins a basketball or volleyball league, the parent will get a reduced membership to the club.

Where will the project be located?

Martinez, California, United States

United States. The building is a concrete tilt up building with two round domes. I has been empty for over 5 years and is owned by the city. They will lease it to my organization for $1/year as long as I build a sports facility. I have architectural layouts and project costs already figured out. The facility will draw in many thousands of people to the downtown area of Martinez and provide a much needed economic stimulus to the city.

Do facilities at the location need to be constructed or upgraded?

Yes. We have to gut out the old offices, re-wire and add plumbing. We also have to do a earthquake seismic retrofit that will costs $390,000. Then we can add basketball floors, offices, fitness center, Cafe, locker rooms and a training room.

Are any further architectural or design services required?


Would this project benefit from the assistance of construction professionals?

Yes. We have not selected a contsturction contractor yet.