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Empowerment of women to Prevent and Respond to Gender Bases Violence through Sports

Many studies show that women in INDIA as a group are more likely to get HIV. The most recent studies show that 3% of the population as a whole is HIV infected while the percentage of HIV among women is higher at 3.6%. The link between HIV and rape is clearly illustrated by the percentage of women who contacted HIV through rape in 1994 genocide.The police records for 2011 also show high rates of Gender based Violence including 321 cases of physical assault, 403 rape cases for women over 18 years of age and 2033 rape cases for children under 18 years. “The violence that women suffer during conflict does not solely arise out of the conditions of caste discrimination depending in economical ; it is directly related to the violence that exists in women’s lives during peace times”.The Tamilnadu in particular is known for negative cultural practices including forced early marriages for the girl child, which constitutes rape crime. The early marriages for girls also imply that many girls do not go to school as they are prepared for marriage. This has implication on their economic security even as adult women and lack of awareness on their legal rights. There is also a gender gap in sports participation as women in India culture were not oriented towards sports and or other activities outside the domestic environment.Sports however has proved to build individual self esteem, confidence, keep people physically and psychologically fit and it also has a strong convening power and these are opportunities that Society for women's Education and Awareness development (SWEAD) in sports would like to exploit in building women’s capacity to prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence.The project will take an integrated approach using sports as a social development tool using it as a mobilizing platform and also equipping women with skills in different sports for self confidence, tolerance and realization of women power to challenge the traditional attitudes on limitation of what the girl child and woman are capable and not capable of doing. The main target group are the women (Age group 22 to 35)who are members of Women self help groups committees and associations with programs for the promotion of women’s rights. The project shall be implemented in a period of eight months. We expect the following results from this project, namely: • Increased women’s awareness on their legal rights. • Women take a more active role in preventing and responding to sexual and gender based violence.• A team of sports trainers established in different fields.• Women have more positive image and self worth and ready to protect their rights.• Women are more informed of Gender Based Violence service providers and ready to report GBV cases and seek other support services.• Formation of grassroots community based GBV action groups established.

Who is the sponsoring organization?

Society for women's Education and Awareness development (SWEAD). SWEAD has been registered under Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act 27th 1975, and its registration number 3/94 dated on 1994 (Certificate Attached). And also registered with Ministry of Home Affairs (Govt. of India) under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976 (FCRA) and its registration number is 07310148 dated on 08.03.2000. Organization History: We the SWEAD was formed in 1994 and it’s a secular, non-political, non-governmental, non-profit registered society formed by Dr.C.Jayaraj, Profosser in Tamil, St Joseph college, Banglore and 11 of social workers, educated locals having real interest and the commitment to serve the poor women and children of different religions, language and especially to the locals who are in need. The mission is to help improve the basic life need services of the poorest areas in Cuddalore district, building long term capacity through training and support, Irrespective of caste, creed and religion it is meant for a human society, Literacy and social awareness, self realization and self support, community health, wealth liberation and leadership. Vision SWEAD envisions a society where environment and ecology of the region is refurbished and the rights and justice for the worker community, those involved in agricultural activities and in the unorganised sectors of the society, especially women and children are safeguard towards their entitlements for quality life Mission. Working for the welfare and restoration of the rights of women and children. Organising worker and agricultural communities for collectively and empowerment. Socio economic development for self reliance through people's participation. Participation of the worker and peasant communities in local governance. Equality of women and men in the development process and systems of society. Entitlements from the State for meeting of basic needs and amenities. http://

Where will the project be located?

Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu, India

Chidambaram Taluk of cuddalore district of Tamilnadu in India. The Indian government has shown commitment to promotion of women’s rights through the 2006 Act 27 constitution, which states that each parson is sacred and inviolable, and the state and all its agencies have the absolute obligation to respect, protect and defend the individual Despite the high level political commitment to promotion of women’s rights in India ,Gender based violence especially against women and children continues to be a human rights violation and general development issue. Gender Based violence in India particularly in our target area became evident by horrific forms of violence particularly against girls and women during the 2011 genocide.Between 250, and girls and women were victims of rape by high caste man including police-men and estimates are that up to two thirds of these victims were also infected with HIV by perpetrators carrying the virus As has been highlighted in many reports since, rape was part of the genocidal plan and part of the systematic degradation of women and of girls. Thirteen years later, gender based violence as a product of many factors related to HIV/AIDS, cultural negative practices and attitudes, gender stereotype and inequalities, and extreme poverty continues to be a critical human rights and development issue for Tamilnadu.particularly in Chidambaram Taluk,

Do facilities at the location need to be constructed or upgraded?

No. The training of participants on their legal rights, sexual and Gender based violence and training of trainers in sports is an assured way for women to campaign against gender-based violence and report cases of gender based violence having known their rights. The increased knowledge on legal rights and service providers also opens long term benefits to women for responding to gender based violence. The existence of GBV structure in form of committees and associations gives opportunity for formation of women community-based initiatives to prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence. The formation of sports teams will create future strong platform for continued sensitizations on Gender based violence since sports is popular and many people attend function integrated within sports activities. The implementation of a plan of action to be developed after the training would get support from the local leadership since preventing and responding to gender based violence is one of their performance rates. Promotion of sports at community level is also one of the components for social development. The project implementation therefore fits well within the national development vision and has high level of political support.

Are any further architectural or design services required?

No. we will be used already constructed play ground in Government/Private school grounds.

Would this project benefit from the assistance of construction professionals?

Yes. The project shall be implemented in Tamilnadu in Cuddalore district the Taluk of Chidambram. The participants shall be identified through women councils and shall include members of GBV committees and women in associations involved in promotion ofwomen’s rights. Cuddalore district has been identified due to the high rates of Gender based violence and chidambaram taluk has high rates too but took the first initiative to establish GBV committees that need strengthening. Most important. Taluk level sports committee will be involved in the implementation and monitoring of the project.