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kipawa sports and recreation centre

kipawa means talent in swahili.The project is a simple sports and recreaton centre in the the outskirts of nairobi city in kenya.the aim is to provide facility for narturing sports talents in kenya especially with young people.the initiator is a 32yrs old a youth sports mentor,educationist and a sportsman and a creative social entrepreneur.the project also aims at providing a recreation retreat facility for the urban nairobians,international visitors,and local community.more so creating a socialing,interaction and an income generating facility.part of the 25000 will be used for securing the facility as a co-invest partnership between the entrepreneur,makao capital ltd and interested community members.the rest will be used for the construction of the simple facilities needed in the centre.the project is unique because.of its unique location being able to serve across the social classes of rich and poor.a big aim is to help the pooor young youth nurture their talent in sports with the entrepreneur aiming to use his good links with goverment sports ministry to make the project a pilot project of how social investments can be used to say less aid more investment in africa.

Who is the sponsoring organization?

makao investment. makao capital ltd is a limited company in kenya with interest in property development and managent.its aim is to provide utility property development.the company is already being involved in housing construction.with aim of utising small space to provide highly needed facility especially for low and middle income earners in pre urban areas.the initiator of this project is a project manager in this company.john as the proposer of this project will take advantage of the cordial relationship support and goodwill he has with this company,the local community and relevant goverment authority to make this project cheaply implementable and successful.

Where will the project be located?

nairobi, Central, Kenya

kiambu. the proposed selected site and location is inhabited by pre-urban cosmopolitan dwellers investing in housing projects.the site is also near small slums or shanties occupied by low income earners.the place has gained popularity because of the current availability of road,electricity and water and other needed utilities.the site is near raw material,locally cheap and available labour.educational institutions in urban city of nairobi with no sports facilities will easily access and make one of the fast income generating project to the facility.

Do facilities at the location need to be constructed or upgraded?

Yes. after securing the proposed site.the proposer of the project will guide in construction of cheap but relevant facility needed for this sports centre.the approach is to start small and grow big.The proposer aim is to have a soccer field, a local gym house equiped with cheap locally improvised equipment,and a sports education training centre equiped with improvised materials.there will be children recreation facilities locally sourced.the proposer of this project will partner with educational institutions for other investment facilities.

Are any further architectural or design services required?

Yes. the project requires further architectural design to make it workable to serve the purpose.

Would this project benefit from the assistance of construction professionals?

Yes. the construction professionals will work with the project owner and other local professionals to share ideas to improve on the project and make it implementable