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Lesedi Striker Sport and Life Skill Academy

Our overall objective is to play a significant role in equipping the youth as drivers of social and economic change. The aim of our activities is to enhance the quality of life of these disadvantaged teenage boys and girls using football as a tool to empower them with skills that will develop their personality and character and which will provide opportunities to alter the destiny of their lives. Grant money will be allocated towards the following program activities: 1. CAPACITY BUILDING Workshops for Youth Leader Development and Soccer coaching: • Youth Leadership • Basic Soccer Coaching skills and technique • Event and Tournament Management • Public Speaking and Media Liaison Workshops for Youth Leader Development: HIV and AIDS • Introduction to HIV and AIDS Life Skill training for Youth Leaders • Sexual and Reproductive health/Gender Vulnerability • HIV and AIDS Stigma Reduction (Ambassadors for HIV and AIDS) • Advanced HIV and AIDS Life Skill training for Youth Leaders • People Living with HIV and AIDS – positive living through exercise 2. SOCCER LEAGUE AND TOURNAMENTS • Participation in Mabopane SAFA League • Provide basic kit and equipment • Staging of Tournaments and Testing Rallies - Tournament at Matsepa Teachers Centre held every 2 months • Prize/Graduation ceremony • Monitoring and evaluation 3. FITNESS &TRAINING • 3x a week Fitness and Training Sessions at Matsepa Teachers Centre (home ground) • 3x a week Fitness and Training at 7 High Schools in Mabopane • Friendly matches on Saturdays At Matsepa Teachers Centre 4. TALENT SPOTTING • Talented players will be identified during friendly matches and tournaments by Talent Spotter • Talented players will be fast tracked and given the opportunity to play for elite squads

Who is the sponsoring organization?

SA Cares for Life. SA Cares for Life is a faith based, South African national NGO that is passionate about creating opportunities for change and giving hope to children, orphans, the youth, women in pregnancy related crises as well as families in need. Through our different programs, we focus both on short term crisis intervention and long term sustainable development. We provide places of care, practical support, counseling and continuous replication of our models of care. SA Cares for Life offer holistic services with unconditional love and compassion, empowering our clients to have a better, healthier future and ultimately to be independent. Our care projects offer the following services: • Counselling Care Free confidential Counselling and support to anyone facing a pregnancy-related crisis or any pregnancy-related loss. • Baby Care Temporary care for abandoned and vulnerable babies in a safe, loving home-like environment. • Pre-School Care Providing professional pre-school,holistic programs to develop and educate young children in rural communities. • Family Care Cluster Care project – caring for orphan and vulnerable children in rural disadvantaged communities. • Foster Care Special homes for destitute orphaned children with in their own communities. • Business Care Establishing and assisting small business development in rural areas. • Youth Care - Lesedi Striker Sport and Life Skill Academy Empowering and developing the youth through football in disadvantaged communities with opportunities to make better life choices. Our target groups consists of the following: • Women in pregnancy related crisis • Abandoned babies • Orphans and other vulnerable children • Youth in disadvantaged rural communities • Families in need

Where will the project be located?

Mabopane, Gauteng, South Africa

Mabopane, Gauteng Province, South Africa. Mabopane falls under the Tshwane Municipality, Gauteng Province and faces the same multifaceted problems that are prevalent in other townships in South Africa. Disease has left thousands of children orphaned or left with only one parent or grandparent to care for them. Most of these vulnerable children are absorbed into extended families that are overburdened already due to several socio-economic factors. According to Statistics South Africa, there are more people unemployed in Mabopane than employed. Children growing up in these less than ideal environments often lack real alternatives in life that provide hope, opportunities and positive role models for them. The rare existence of educational and recreational facilities in townships also adds to the vulnerability particularly of the youth which can lead to risky behaviour. This risky behaviour includes unsafe sex, alcoholism, drug abuse and joining gangs. Boys and especially girls partaking in these activities are more vulnerable to violence and discrimination, and are almost always destined to exclusion from mainstream society.

Do facilities at the location need to be constructed or upgraded?

Yes. • The school we run our project from is in dire need of renovation. • It would be wonderful if a football pitch could be constructed for the children to play on. Currently there is only a cleared dirt pitch that causes many unnessacary injuries. • A recycling village where the children can start a small social enterprise from recyclable items. The entrance fee to tournaments will be an empty plastic, can or glass container. • Rainwater tanks for our Food tent project will be an incredible bonus. • A play park for smaller siblings would keep the younger children entertained.

Are any further architectural or design services required?

Yes. • Design of a maximum size soccer pitch that would fit on the premises. One of the new style combi courts where the children can play street soccer matches. • Design of a practical recycling village. • Planning and design of the rainwater tanks. • Planning and design of the play park.

Would this project benefit from the assistance of construction professionals?

Yes. • Renovation and upgrading of the school building. • Construction of a pavilion. • Construction of a recycling village.